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RX Prescription
Average Savings of 5% to 70% on Most Drugs

Vision & LASIK
Savings of 10% - 50%
Savings of 15%
Lab Tests
Savings of 10% - 70%
Diabetic Supplies
Savings of 15% -48%
X-Rays / Imaging
Savings of 10% -80%
Savings of 25% - 40%
Savings of 10% -60%
Preferred Pricing

Please Note: The HDP Card is NOT INSURANCE, but provides discounts at certain providers for health care services. The member must pay for all health care services at the time of service, but will receive a discount from those providers who have contracted with the program operator. Executive Vision Benefits, Inc (EyeBenefits), EyeBenefit's corporate offices are located at 8436 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  Please see for more information on the HDP Card, or call 800-977-3560.

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